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Presenter of Sonchary programme Tanjina Akter

Our first trial broadcast in facebook audio live done on 2nd October 2017. Hope soon we shall come on regular basis. Thanks to our senior officers specially DDG Sir and DP Sir for always helping us in our initiatives. Special thanks to RE sir for all the engineering supports. And obviously thanks to our Director Sir for giving us the freedom and trusting us cent percent.

We started our journey in 20th September 2016, the date when we first made our facebook video live. We had more than three thousand viewers on that clip. The huge number inspired us to do the live broadcast in professional way. Finally we succeeded in 2nd October 2017 by on airing sanchary programme on test basis. For listening the programme please click the play button below.

Sanchary is on aired on every Monday at 6.15 pm from Trafic FM 88.8. This is a subject base programme with duration of 90 minutes. On 2nd October the programme topic was ‘sky’.  The presenter played all the songs related to the programme topic!

However from our trial the lesson is, we need dedicated 10Mbps internet connection in the studio, 1 digital receiver and 1 android mobile set for smooth operation of facebook audio live.

We don’t think the above requirements shall be able to hinder our professional facebook audio live. Because we know our senior officials are always with us, as they were in the past.

Lastly, Thanks Mr producer. The producer of Sanchary. You did a great job again! Obviously, you will do some great jobs in the future too! Am I right dear SHUVOMOY?

Thanks to all,

Ahsan | Deputy Diretor| On behalf of Director | Traffic Broadcast Service (Traffic FM 88.8)| Bangladesh Betar (Radio).

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