Message from Ahmed Quamruzzaman on World Radio Day 2022

Mr. Ahmed Quamruzzaman, Director General of Bangladesh Betar has given a message on World Radio Day 2022 for the world leaders working in the broadcasting industry. Asia Pacific Institute for Broadcasting Development has disseminated this greetings on 13th February 2022 through their online platforms i.e facebook and website.

The script of the message from Director General, Bangladesh Betar is written below:


Hello Everybody!

Good Day to you all.

Today is 13 February. World Radio Day. This day is being celebrated across the globe in an aim to promote the medium and encourage people to use it in a far better way. Radio is a very powerful and useful medium having the capacity to reach millions of people in all parts of the world.

This year the theme of the day – “Radio and Trust” which I think will further increase people’s confidence who search for authentic news, information and entertainment. The theme is expected to enhance usefulness of Radio to promote dialogues and involve diverse groups to build social movement for their shared causes on the basis of trust and confidence.

The unique ability of radio to reach out the widest audience has paved the way for it as a medium to shape a society’s multiplicity, stand as an arena of trust and confidence for all voices to speak out and to the voiceless a platform to give their voices.

About Bangladesh Betar, I can boldly say that as the country’s largest medium it is playing incredible role in building a just and conversant society freeing people from all forms of rumors and superstitions. Along with nourishing Bangladesh’s culture it has been educating and motivating its millions of listeners about the new globalized society and how people should act for their existence.

Bangladesh Betar also has tremendous contributions in building people’s awareness about the prevention of unprecedented Covid-19 Pandemic through its different programs and news.This has yielded unique results. Consequently,UNICEF has recognized Bangladesh Betar as the “Best COVID Responder” which is now a superb source of encouragement for the Betar people to render more services to this end.

In order to celebrate the World Radio Day 2022, Bangladesh Betar has arranged various programs and events throughout the day. Special programs are being aired highlighting the significance of the day.

Lastly, Radio is a major platform that has been connecting us with what is happening around. All sorts of information are available on the radio.No matter what your age is, and where do you live, you can be always connected with the outside world through the radio. Hopefully you will stay connected with radio and update yourself through it.

Thank you all and enjoy the World Radio Day.


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