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Welcome to our publication page. Traffic Lines and TraSKa-ive are the two leading publication page of Traffic FM 88.8. Any article related to radio, media industry and allied fields are published in the Traffic Lines page.

However, “TraSKa-ive” is the specialized publication page. Experiences/ news or any other related issues with TraSKa-ive innovation are published the page “TraSKa-ive”. For details about TraSKa-ive innovation please visit the page TraSKa-ive.

Regarding publication in the page “Traffic Lines” all our stakeholders (i.e. presenters, reporters, listeners, artists) can submit their writings through email to [email protected] After periodical review we publish the praise worthy scripts in this page for sharing the writer’s thoughts with our listeners.

Language for submitting articles can be either in English or Bangla. No word limit restrictions are applied for submitting creative articles.


Traffic Lines                                                                  TraSKa-ive

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