Programme Details

Traffic Broadcast Service popularly known as traffic FM 88.8 broadcasts programmes from 7 am to 9 pm. Mostly popular songs are played in this station and the young listeners in Dhaka city are the target audience of this station. Apart from routine broadcast the station also broadcast special programmes focusing on the road safety issue in Bangladesh. For details please visit the following pages:

Programme Content of Traffic FM 88.8:

Traffic FM Service of Bangladesh Betar broadcasts its programme in fm 88.8 M.Hz. The station mostly broadcast popular music, hourly news bulletin and traffic awareness message. Besides special programmes on specific national days, live sports programmes are also the strengths of this service. Every day in two sessions the station broadcast programmes for the city dwellers in Dhaka. A pictorial presentation of the programme content of Traffic FM is presented below:

Programme content

Sample programme of Traffic FM 88.8:

This is a partial sample programme on aired from Traffic Broadcast Service (Traffic FM 88.8), Bangladesh. The programme is recorded in Germany by one of our listener Suraiya Islam. She recorded this via online recorder. We are placing the clip for our stakeholders for getting an idea about our activities we are doing around Dhaka.

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