‍Sonchary (সঞ্চারী)

Sonchary is a specialized subject based weekly programme broadcast from Traffic FM 88.8. On every Monday at 5.05 pm with duration of ninety minutes the presenter describes specific topic. Popular citations, topic definitions from various angels of life and listeners comments  are discussed in the radio show as well as popular and widely reputed songs related to the episode topic are also broadcasted through out the show.  In first episode of this show the subject was sky. In the whole show the presenter played songs on sky as well as described sky in various angels. The target listeners for this programme are the youth listeners in Dhaka city with age group 18+ to 35 years. The host of this show is Shahnaj Parvin. Ms Parvin is working as Freelance Artist in Traffic Broadcast Service (Traffic FM 88.8).

The programme is available in mobile via FM 88.8 as well as live streaming is done through Bangladesh Betar website betar.gov.bd and trafficfm.org  site. Thus with internet connection the programme in available round the world with mobile, desktop, tablet, note book and in laptop. The programme is also broadcast in Facebook via audio live on page facebook.com/trafficfm88.8 . During the programme the listeners can also interact with the presenter via facebook page facebook.com/trafficfm88.8 and can also send sms via mobile phone. The number is 01556 88 00 88. This number is used for sms purpose only. In addition listeners can also send request to the presenter via email [email protected] throughout the week.

For episode details of Sonchary please visit our facebook page facebook.com/trafficfm88.8 on every Monday and enjoy the tune of Traffic FM 88.8.

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