Traffic Broadcast Service Employee Information (TBS.EI) Form

  • TBS.EI Form is designed to collect necessary contact information from all the employee/ staff of Traffic Broadcast Service (Traffic FM 88.8). For completing this form you should need three basic things as followed:

    1) Your National ID card number,

    2) 200 words description about your self in English and Bangla, and

    3) All basic information about your self.

    This is an online form. So, please do not submit the form more than one time and do not submit incomplete forms. If you found any problem in filling this form or you are not sure about any information required in this form, in that case pls stop filling this form. Once you are sure about all the information, only in that case fill the form and submit it to us. However, after submitting the form pls contact with the office and submit a passport size photo of yourself.

    Thanks for reading this terms and conditions. Please fill all the questions as mentioned below to best describe your self:



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