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The Ministry of Information (MOI) is playing a catalytic role in disseminating information to the people through print and electronic media. As per allocation of business of Bangladesh Government, MOI is administering  all  matters relating to broadcasting through Bangladesh Betar & Bangladesh Television. For details please visit the following site: Ministry of Information

Bangladesh Betar (Radio) is the largest and oldest audio media in Bangladesh. The organization is working for the nation with objective to educate, entertain and  inform the country men. For details please visit the following site:  Bangladesh Betar (Radio).

Traffic Broadcast service is a specialized unit of Bangladesh Betar (Radio). The prime objective of this service is to raise awareness about traffic accidents/incidents among the dwellers of Dhaka city. The programme content of Traffic broadcast service is supervised by the programme section of Bangladesh Betar. However if any body is interested to know about the details of the programme contents of Bangladesh Betar (Radio) please visit the following site: Betar Programme Website

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